Twitter messages should use the hashtag #AnxPH to get my attention. You may also use my Twitter handle @mikenichols0 (that’s a zero at the end).

I check Twitter 3-4 times a day, so if you need a quick answer and absolute confidentiality, email’s the best.

Follow me by clicking this link or the Twitter bird on the right side of the menu.

Remember that everybody will be able to see your tweets. Also, no member should consider any tweet as a substitute for seeing their own doctor or a trained mental health professional.

Tweets on Twitter are governed by the AP&H Comment Policy, which basically says to be nice and that no commercial messages or products are allowed.

You may send me a direct message, which are as secure as any Twitter direct message is. Personally, I would not suggest sending a personal or important direct message.

Created: March 13, 2013