Stress and Its Impact on Your Life

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Stress seems to be just another component of the modern life. It is so common that it is treated as a joke by standup comedians, in tv sitcoms and in the print media. Here’s one for you, brought to you by one of the prominent stress reduction gurus: Picture yourself near a stream. Birds are [...]

8 Tips to Survive Gatherings on the Fourth

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  Cookouts and parties on the Fourth of July are a long-standing tradition, something like apple pie, but this time you’re eating hamburgers and barbecue. You might be hosting the event yourself, or you may be going to a friend’s, as we are.  If you are going to a friend’s or a family member’s home, [...]

What Are the Stressors in Your Life?

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The biology of stress has been studied extensively, and untold numbers of rats have been driven nuts in the process. But you don’t need to be a scientist or a rat to know that stress greatly effects your peace of mind and well-being.  Stress disrupts the balance in your life, putting a strain on you [...]

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