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The mission of Anxiety, Panic & Health is to provide reliable online mental health information to the general public, relating to the Anxiety Disorders, caregiver support, and other mental health issues. Community engagement is fostered by an active commenting section for each article, as well a Facebook group and Twitter hashtag. The goal of every [...]

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Anxiety, Panic & Health does not accept advertising of any kind. It does not accept any item of value in exchange for a favorable article, comment or any other content. Items of value sent for review will be returned after the article is written. Please note that badges and links under the “Friendly Links” heading [...]

Guidelines for Guest Posts

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The community at Anxiety, Panic & Health benefits when there are a variety of voices writing articles and comments. For this reason, guest posts are heartily welcomed as a way to bring fresh perspectives and experiences to readers. If you want to write a post, contact me If you think you would like to write [...]

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I love comments on this blog. They are as important as anything else written on Anxiety, Panic & Health. Comments add to the knowledge and community that exists here. Your comments are more than welcome – they are essential! I moderate the comments, and remove comments that do not follow the guidelines below. If you [...]

Funding Policy

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Anxiety, Panic & Health is owned by Michael L Nichols and funded entirely by him as a service to those with Anxiety Disorders and others interested in Mental Health. Nichols is affiliated with no for-profit or non-profit entity other than the non-profit National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), which has no influence on the website [...]

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