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This blog was started in 2007 to provide the kind of information that I wish I had had when I was ambushed by Anxiety Disorder, as I was struggling to hold my life together, as I was learning to regain functionality. I have worked hard over the years to fight back against this malady, and [...]

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Most people struggle with Anxiety for many, many years before being diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder. The same is true with me. Looking back, I realize that I had been having Anxiety symptoms for over two decades before I was finally diagnosed as having Anxiety Disorder and treatment began. My experience with Anxiety Disorder began [...]


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Q: Hey, are you Mike Nichols the director? A: No, he’s just a wannabe. I had my name before he changed his from Michael Igor Peschkowsky. Maybe he admired the attributes of this little Alabama boy and named himself in my honor. Probably not. I was very upset to find out that I had died [...]


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My name is Mike Nichols, and I live with my wife in a mid-sized southeastern US city. I am in my late sixties and retired due to mental disabilities in 2005. We have a daughter in her late 20’s and a son in his mid 30’s. The majority of my working life has been in music: first as [...]

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