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There are eight ways to find the article or information you want: Look in the menu strip at the top of every page This contains all the “About” information, the Anxiety reference articles, and other links. Click on the “Index” tab in the menu strip The “Index” selection will list all information pages, articles, and [...]

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Anxiety, Panic & Health has its own private Facebook Group. It is accessed by clicking this link or the Facebook icon at the right side of the menu. I check Facebook several times a day. The AP&H group is private, which means you have to be invited to join in order to see posts or [...]

Do You Answer Your Messages?


The most important question in people’s minds is “Do you answer your messages?” Yes. I try to answer all messages within 24 hours, but sometimes it’s a little longer. There are three ways to contact me: email, the Anxiety, Panic & Health Facebook group, and by Twitter. All have means of sending messages securely. Confidentiality [...]

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