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TV Portrayal of Psychologists Keeps People from Getting Treatment

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Television programs like “In Treatment,” “Frasier,” and “The Sopranos” may discourage people from seeking psychological treatment, a new study shows. Frasier Crane and his brother, Niles both practiced psychiatry on their popular NBC sitcom “Frasier.” Mob boss Tony Soprano had his therapist on HBO’s hit show “The Sopranos.” And HBO has even made therapy the [...]

95% of Diagnosed Social Phobia Sufferers Originally Go to Doctor for a Different Problem

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 Recent research shows that 95 percent of patients diagnosed with Social Phobia originally went to the doctor for treatment of another disorder.  In addition, it was found that a majority of psychiatry outpatients have more than one mental disorder, and more than one-third have at least three disorders. Most patients had two current diagnoses.  Of [...]

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