GAD – General Anxiety Disorder

Dizzy? It May Be an Anxiety Disorder!

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Are you among the 3 million Americans who is always dizzy? Recent studies show that about 60 percent — almost 2 million — of chronically dizzy people also have an Anxiety Disorder. In fact, the Anxiety Disorder causes the dizziness! If you are among these numbers, you may have what is called Chronic Subjective Dizziness. [...]

Suicide and Anxiety Disorders: What Is the Risk?

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Suicidal behavior has not been associated with the Anxiety Disorders alone until recently. It has long been known that as many as 90 percent of suicides in the United States are associated with mental illness, especially substance abuse disorders, schizophrenia, and mood disorders such as depression. Up to 75 percent of all people with depression, [...]

Anxiety Disorders: Just What Are They? – Part 1

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The subject of this blog are the Anxiety Disorders, obviously. But I just realized that, aside from the reference information listed on the sidebar, I have never given a succinct list of what the primary Anxiety Disorders are. This is the first of a two-part series that describes the main Anxiety Disorders. Note that every heading [...]

Stress and Its Impact on Your Life

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Stress seems to be just another component of the modern life. It is so common that it is treated as a joke by standup comedians, in tv sitcoms and in the print media. Here’s one for you, brought to you by one of the prominent stress reduction gurus: Picture yourself near a stream. Birds are [...]

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