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OCD: What Is It? How Is It Treated?

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OCD Washing handsWe all know people who are much more neat, clean and orderly than others. These traits are entirely appropriate in many situations on the job and at home.

In Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) these traits are carried to an extreme and disruptive degree.

People with OCD can spend hours of each day cleaning, tidying, checking, or ordering — to the point where these activities interfere with the rest of their daily lives.

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Grinding Your Gears: How Stress is Ruining Your Teeth

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Angry woman, bruxismSeventy-seven percent of people experience physical symptoms of stress. From financial pressures to relationship concerns, this stress invades our life and can have a major consequence on our bright, pearly whites.

Chronic anxiety can lead to bad habits that destroy, damage, and rot our teeth.

From grinding to poor dental hygiene, find out how your stress could be affecting your smile: 
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Woodworking as PTSD/CPTSD Therapy

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WoodworkingThere are many people who take part in woodworking as a hobby or as a career because they enjoy the accomplishments of the projects that they have worked on.

There’s nothing like the experience of working on a project and then successfully completing it.

What many people don’t know is that woodwork is very therapeutic, especially for people who suffer from conditions such as CPTSD and PTSD. The act of using your hands to create something of great detail will create a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind, and an anxiety-free mood.
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How to Know If You’re Stressed Out or Suffering From Anxiety

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Fraying rope - anxiety and stressLife throws many curve balls at us, and each curve ball has the chance to leave us feeling stressed.

Changes in life, material or otherwise, short-term or long-term, leave a lasting mark on our personalities and actions.

However, in life, with the rapid pace of modern life, it’s often quite easy to get lost in the concept of whether or not you are stressed out, or if the issue might be more severe.

So, are you stressed? Or are you anxious?
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7 Long-Term Effects of Mental Health Problems on Your Body

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Mental Illness Statistics from John Hopkins Institute tell us that 26% of Americans suffer from diagnosable mental disorders. [1] That is one in every four adults. And this percentage only includes Americans aged 18 and above. There are many juveniles who also suffer from diagnosable mental disorders but aren’t included in these statistics.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in my teens. I struggled with it for many years in silence and isolation before my diagnosis. There came a point where my only interaction was with my cable internet plan. No human contact, no social contact, no nothing. I was constantly anxious when among people.

Eventually, through a mix of medication and talk therapy, I managed to bring some stability to my life.

But my struggles with depression and anxiety are not the purpose of this post. The effects of undiagnosed disorders are.
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