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15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Suffers From Anxiety

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Woman crying from anxietyWhile most people deal with periods of nervousness or anxiousness in their lives, it’s nothing remotely comparable to what those with anxiety disorder go through on a daily basis.

People with anxiety disorders experience worry, guilt, shame, and panic in situations that don’t typically cause such intense feelings in others.

Ceaseless feelings of fear and uncertainty take control, making life with an anxiety disorder incredibly difficult.

Anxiety isn’t just tough for the people that have it, it’s also hard on their friends and loved ones. It can be emotionally taxing and mentally demanding on both ends.

When someone you love has anxiety, planning needs to be meticulous, certain situations must be avoided, and since emotional needs can change daily, sometimes plans have to be changed or dropped last minute. It’s a lot of work.

Unfortunately, anxiety disorders are often misunderstood. It’s hard to get in their head to understand why they think the way they do.

Knowing what to say when they’re suffering is equally difficult, and while your words usually come from a heartfelt place, a lack of understanding can cause comments to be more hurtful than helpful.
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How to Ease Anxiety Naturally with Food

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Green Tea and AnxietyYou must have heard of people seeking medication or psychotherapy or sometimes even both to ease their anxiety.

But there is a huge possibility that most of them either don’t like how they feel on the pharmaceuticals or they are eager to find out the underlying cause of the problem so as to eventually get off the medications.

Does that mean a slightly different approach to a change in lifestyle is not totally out of the question? Yes!

Although exercising and switching to a balanced diet is not the ultimate cure for a certain disorder, they can definitely help you in improving the overall mood and well-being.

So, here is the good news that will ease anxiety the next time you are stressed out. Eating certain foods is a simple yet effective trick to staying calm.

No! Not your typical go-to comfort food but the food habits we are going to round up here. These amazing eating trends will make you feel comfortable whenever you want to feel at ease fast.

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3 “Lifestyle Triggers” That Empty the Body of Anxiety-Causing Hormones

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Two Buckets - 3 Lifestyle TriggersAnxiety is a big problem for a lot of people. It feels like it becomes a part of who you are. Making all things, big and small, you used to enjoy a struggle.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s my job to help people solve this problem. I have seen people transform from being crippled by anxiety and fear, to a point where they get that feeling of serenity back in their lives. The heavy weight of anxiety gets lighter.

There’s no better feeling… I love my job.

But, it’s time to branch out and share my techniques with a much larger group of people. You guys.

Ok, lets get to it.

I’m going to share with you the 3 “Lifestyle Triggers” I have used to help hundreds of people with anxiety. The beauty of these particular lifestyle triggers is their simplicity. No side effects. Not emotionally draining. This makes it so easy to stay committed and constant towards them.

So you probably have one big question right now…

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