How to Find the Article You Want

There are eight ways to find the article or information you want:

Look in the menu strip at the top of every page

This contains all the “About” information, the Anxiety reference articles, and other links.

Click on the “Index” tab in the menu strip

The “Index” selection will list all information pages, articles, and posts by date.

Look at “Most Popular Posts” in the right column

This shows you the ten most popular posts since 2008 in the order of popularity.

Look at “Recent Posts” in the right column

This lists the last ten articles posted.

Look at “Browse by Category” in the right column

Articles are categorized under these headings. The numbers tell you how many articles are in each category. Note that this does not include informational pages, just articles.

Look at “Browse by Tags” in the right column

Each article and informational page is assigned one or more tags, which are a kind of sub-grouping. The format is a “tag cloud,” which uses the size of the words to indicate how many posts are in that tag category.

Use the “Search” box in the right column

Just enter your search term and hit Enter. If it looks like Google, it is!

Finally, if you still can’t find what you want, contact me

Use the “Contact” form to send me an email and I will do my best for you.