Do You Answer Your Messages?

The most important question in people’s minds is “Do you answer your messages?”

Yes. I try to answer all messages within 24 hours, but sometimes it’s a little longer.

There are three ways to contact me: email, the Anxiety, Panic & Health Facebook group, and by Twitter. All have means of sending messages securely.


All personal messages – emails, Facebook messages and Twitter direct messages – are held in strictest confidence. Although Facebook and Twitter have private messaging, I do not recommend them for very personal or important messages.

See the Privacy Statement for details.

Remember I am not a trained mental health professional!

I will try to answer your messages to the best of my ability. But I will never offer answers or advice meant to take the place of your relationship with your doctor or with a mental health professional.

See the Disclaimer page for more information.

Created: March 13, 2013