Panic Attacks

10 Methods for Dealing with a Panic Attack

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The New Harbinger Publications book ‘PsychSolve’ says that “by some estimates, approximately two million adults in the United States suffer with panic disorder each year.” A panic attack will differ individually, but they are deeply unpleasant and, given that they can strike at any time under any circumstances, can be extremely debilitating. Normal signs of [...]

Panic Disorder: Coping through Knowledge

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In Mark Vonnegut’s “The Eden Express,” his memoir on his schizophrenia, he wrote that knowing he was crazy didn’t stop the crazy stuff from happening. But sometimes, with some disorders, that might be a big help. I was driving with my then fiancee, later wife, one gray winter Saturday afternoon. We had been shopping and [...]

Panic Attacks Can’t Hurt You–Really!

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The article I’m Dying: What a Panic Attack Feels Like is one of the most popular posts on this site, with over 350 comments. Many of the comments–some are very long–are heartbreaking: relationships wrecked, jobs lost, fear trailing like a shadow. Over and over people describe how panic attacks affect them: In response to heart [...]

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