Radical Approach to Therapy for Anxiety Disorder

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Drugs are commonly used in conjunction with therapy to reduce the effects of Anxiety Disorders. One of the purposes of psychiatric medications is to relieve a person’s symptoms enough to allow therapy to be effective. This has been a standard approach for years. A radical new approach to drugs and therapy has been proposed by [...]

Take Charge of Your Medications!

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Medications are an essential part of treatment for mental disorders. But medications have uncomfortable side effects and can interact badly with other drugs. Your doctor doesn’t always know of these right off the top of his head. It’s up to you to take charge of your medications to make sure that your medications aren’t making [...]

Financial Help with Prescription Medications

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The cost of prescription medications is sky high and going higher. Many fixed- and low-income people find it an increasingly difficult task to pay for the medications they need to stay healthy. In many cases, it’s a choice between medicine and other necessities, such as food and heat. If you find yourself or someone you [...]

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