15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Suffers From Anxiety

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While most people deal with periods of nervousness or anxiousness in their lives, it’s nothing remotely comparable to what those with anxiety disorder go through on a daily basis. People with anxiety disorders experience worry, guilt, shame, and panic in situations that don’t typically cause such intense feelings in others. Ceaseless feelings of fear and [...]

How to Ease Anxiety Naturally with Food

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You must have heard of people seeking medication or psychotherapy or sometimes even both to ease their anxiety. But there is a huge possibility that most of them either don’t like how they feel on the pharmaceuticals or they are eager to find out the underlying cause of the problem so as to eventually get [...]

5 Ways Alcohol Worsens Anxiety

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To the person with an anxiety disorder, daily life is a minefield of things that can make you feel worse. The stress of getting through another day of pain without a major mishap makes you a nervous wreck and vulnerable to the worst that anxiety can bring you. One of the most common “remedies” for [...]

How Anxiety and Addiction Are Connected (And What You Can Do About It)

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Did you know that there’s a significant relationship between anxiety and addiction … and that understanding that connection can help to facilitate healing? In this post, we’ll explore the correlative connection between the mental health condition of anxiety and the behaviors associated with substance abuse. First, let’s talk about the nature of anxiety and how [...]

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