The 7 Best Drinks to Reduce Your Anxiety

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It is common to be freaked, worried, and anxious. You could be upset about family, love, work, health, or even money. Maybe, your heart beats faster, your mind can only imagine pending doom, your breathing gets rapid and shallow, and all you could ever wish for at this time is relaxation. You might opt for [...]

Anxiety as a Brown Man: A Horror Show

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Living with anxiety is a crippling affair. You cannot make a steady decision without running endless laps in your brain while your heart pumps gallons worth of blood that shoots up and down your body with relentless intent. Having lived with anxiety and depression for the last thirteen years, I’m aware of the effects it [...]

Habits That Actually Helped to Kick My Anxiety

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Having anxiety can be a huge deterrent to your growth as a person. Anxiety can be very debilitating, and the road to recovery is long and full of obstacles. One of the biggest reasons people struggle with anxiety so long is their priorities. Most people have a career and personal success as the foremost priorities, [...]

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