The Link Between Anxiety and Aging

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While anxiety can be normal from time to time, there are more serious instances known as anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 million adults in America.[1] And while they are common at all ages, anxiety disorders affect geriatric patients more profoundly than their younger counterparts, and aging can have a significant effect on anxiety.[2] [...]

The Negative Health Impact of Stress

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Stress is the breeding ground for many of the anxiety disorders. Unrelieved stress not only causes, but exacerbates anxiety disorders and physical problems, as well. It is estimated that 75% to 90% of all doctors’ office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. The following infographic details the negative effects of chronic stress. It is [...]

4 Reasons Why Social Media Feeds Anxiety

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Many modern people can’t imagine their lives without popular social networking sites. Ordinary internet users spend at least 142 minutes a day on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Today, social media is an essential tool for communication and entertainment. But the question is whether intensive usage of this wonderful “tool” harms mental health. This article will [...]

Self-Care for Anxiety and Panic Disorders

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Self-care is key for people living with anxiety and panic disorders. While formal mental health treatment plays an important role in managing anxiety and panic disorders, especially for people with severe symptoms, not everyone has the ability to pursue clinical treatment. Even among people who take medication or attend therapy, self-care is beneficial. Most people [...]

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