Mike Nichols

What Panic Attacks Have Taught Me

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All anxiety disorders can devastate your life. But panic attacks are unique in their ability to spread fear and uncertainty into every minute, every daily activity, every relationship. You become a virtual prisoner of that fear, with all your freedom to act snatched by the awful anticipation of the next panic attack. I had my [...]

Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder: Good News! (Maybe)

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The most commented on articles on Anxiety, Panic & Health are those about Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD)   The comments can be heartbreaking: confusion, mental anguish, strained and broken relationships, and the frustration of no “official” diagnosis. All that is about to change. A revision of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [...]

You Want Facebook? We Got Facebook!

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Anxiety, Panic & Health has a new Facebook group page! Now you can chat with your friends in the AP&H community and introduce new members – all on Facebook. The AP&H Facebook group is private, which means you have to be invited to join in order to see posts or to post. Anyone can see [...]

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