About This Blog

This blog was started in 2007 to provide the kind of information that I wish I had had when I was ambushed by Anxiety Disorder, as I was struggling to hold my life together, as I was learning to regain functionality.

I have worked hard over the years to fight back against this malady, and have had many successes, though I’m not entirely out of the woods yet. See My Story for more information along these lines.

Besides having excellent professional help, over the years I have read extensively about my mental conditions, searched for many, many days on the internet for information, and have thought deeply and written at length about Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder (my other mental illness).

I have found it surprisingly difficult to get specific information about the Anxiety Disorders. Not that it’s not out there, but it’s either very generalized, very commercial or very partisan or all three. Most resources go over the same information endlessly, but stop short at giving even the slightest hint of how you can cope with it day to day, not just feeling better but getting better and staying better.

I hope Anxiety, Panic & Health gives you the benefit of my efforts and those of our guest posters, so you can have a head start learning they why’s and wherefore’s and how’s of Anxiety Disorder.

Though there may be personal entries from time to time, the greater part of the posts are meant to be informational and helpful to the reader. There will be book reviews, current news concerning anxiety and other articles intended to help the reader understand and overcome this dreadful condition.

Comments are strongly encouraged. In fact, I depend upon you to guide the content of this blog in directions that are most helpful to you, the reader.

Please visit the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Revised: November 8, 2016