5 Ways Exercise Will Help Relieve Anxiety

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Walking helps anxietyIn a world where there is so much to deal with on a daily basis, stress and anxiety are creeping in fast to become a lifestyle menace.

Fortunately, there is a simple remedy to help avoid these above the neck problems. Scientists claim that a simple workout will not only boost your brain function but also help in relieving anxiety.

You may be wondering how a simple exercise routine can have any effect on your mental health. Well, let me fill you in. One common symptom of anxiety is tensed muscles and what we know is that exercise works on releasing tensed muscles hence reducing the feeling of worry and fear.

Second, exercise leads to the production of endorphins which are the hormones responsible for keeping you in a good mood and thus keeping anxiety at bay. Finally, studies claim that exercise can drastically reduce your body’s reaction to stress.

Let’s look a little deeper into some of the ways that exercise will help relieve anxiety:

Reduces stress hormone

Are you anxious about an important meeting or a project that you need to hand in? Well, what you need to do is to take a walk or get to the gym for a thorough workout. Getting sweaty will help you manage and relieve stress instantly. During an exercise routine the concentration of norepinephrine increases – this is the chemical that controls the brain’s reaction to stress. So, if you feel like you are facing a stressing situation go ahead and break a sweat. On top of being good for your general wellbeing, it will also help you cope with existing stress.

Improves memory

As we age, our mind starts to get a little hazy, and it begins to shrink which causes the loss of some of the most important brain functions. While there isn’t much we can do to stop the aging process, we can put a halt the decline of the brain. How do you ask? By just working out you increase the chemicals that prevent the deterioration of the brain cells of the hippocampus which is responsible for a sharp memory.

Improve your self-image

Have you ever noticed how after a gym session you feel an extra surety to your stride? Well, exercising helps improve your overall self-confidence. The reason behind this is that regular exercising helps create awareness to your mental and physical health. A fit and healthy looking body will assist in boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. Plus when you lose some pounds after a consistent workout, it will keep you feeling good about yourself.

Boosts overall mood

Want to have a permanent smile on your face through the day? A morning workout session is what you need. The sweating and stretching will help wake up your body and mind for an upbeat light mood. In addition to this, doing exercise releases the feel-good hormone Endorphin, which works on relieving pain naturally. This will help you look at things more positively while giving the energy you need to face everything that comes your way during the day. With such good moods, there will be no room for anxiety.

Sleep better

Are you feeling too anxious to sleep? Then you need to hit the gym or take a walk. Studies have shown that people with insomnia can benefit immensely from a moderate workout. It has been equated to taking a sleeping with the exception that it holds many more benefits. If you move around for a while, your body temperature is bound to increase, when you settle down the temperature decreases signaling your body that it’s time to sleep. A relaxed mind is unlikely to be anxious.

Calm the mind

Anxiety causes you to be frantic and worried which is not good for your health. Workouts are generally repetitive actions which follow a specific order. This routine forces the mind to stay in focus and therefore remain calm. The physical activity also helps you zone out all other things and focus on your body, at least for a few hours. The shift in focus will help release anxiety for a long time.


Exercise has the potential to decrease levels of stress for an overall improved quality of life. Starting your day with physical activity will help you achieve a calmer and more relaxed mood that is free from tension.

Ryan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer at FitnessGoals, with a passion for writing and a love for chocolate. He enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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