10 Reasons Acupuncture Can Ease Stress and Anxiety

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Woman Getting Acupuncture TreatmentThese days, stress has become part and parcel of our lives. Though it is not a good state of mind to be in, it warns that you are going to encounter many problematic situations.

Some people may feel without stress one cannot feel motivated to work, but this is not the right way to think. In small amounts, stress could be a good thing, but not for a longer period of time, as it may lead to a situation where one has to face many consequences related to stress.

When the pressure becomes an unreasonable part in your life, it may make you feel sick, unhappy and anxious for small things. You may even feel fatigued for small works, which shows the level of stress has become a serious issue.

Long-term stress can be harmful and can damage organs, weakens the immune system, putting the person at a significant risk of having cancer.

Some health problems include anxiety and depression that destroys the quality of life gradually. One such symptom which shows a person is in stress is feeling anxious about small issues and having butterflies in the stomach.

The clinical anxiety can be treated by using medication and other clinical methods. Before that, a person has to accept that he is undergoing stress and first try to solve the issues as much as possible. Such methods involve acupuncture which can ease anxiety and stress.

1. Acupuncture Is Very Straightforward

woman's procedure acupunctureThe process is straightforward and involves a well-trained acupuncturist. Firstly, he will ask you about your health history and examines the tongue shape. He examines the feel of pulse and will perform other physical examinations depending on the patient’s health.

After examining the individual, the professional will recommend a proper treatment plan to treat a particular health condition. To begin with the treatment, the acupuncturist checks the precise acupoints and stimulates them, which are in different parts of the body.

There would be no pain or minimal discomfort as the fine needles are placed gently on these respective points. The needles would be retained for nearly half an hour and then will be removed. Many people have found relief and felt relaxed after the treatment.

2. Acupressure Points

There are nine acupressure points in the body:

• Three Mile Point

The point is located near the kneecap and above the feet. By applying pressure at this point, the energy flow can be regulated and increased. Pressure is applied for one minute.

• Great Rushing

This point is between the second toe and thumb in the webbing of feet. By applying pressure, it helps in maintaining a smooth flow of energy and unblocks chocked meridians.

• Grandfather-Grandson

This is located in the feet just at the base of big toe. It helps in providing balanced circulation of energy throughout the body by applying pressure to it. It helps by relieving mind from anxiety and worries.

• Inner Gate

This is present near the pulse of the hands and by applying pressure on it, one can get rid of excess stress. It helps in relieving nausea.

• Outer Gate

This point is located on the exact other side of the inner gate point. By stimulating this point, one gets support for the immune system and helps in improving the energy flow.

• Union Valley

The point is located in the webbing between index finger and thumb. By applying pressure, it reduces the stress and muscle tension.

• Central Treasury

This point is adjacent to armpit and stimulating this point helps in deep breathing and contributes to balanced emotions.

• Will’s Chamber

The point is located near the backbone, and by stimulating this point, it helps in strengthening the whole body and relieves back tension.

• Shoulder Well

Located on the ridge of the shoulder and reduces stress and tension by applying pressure at this point. Provides an unhindered flow of energy which helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

3. Every Patient Is Considered to Be Unique

This method is suitable for most of the patients in relieving stress and anxiety. Acupuncture, being a medication freeway, considers every patient to be unique and provides long-lasting results.

the treatment is for the whole body and mind

In this method, the treatment differs as per the patient’s symptoms. One single treatment can’t be used to treat all patients. The acupuncturist identifies the imbalances causing anxiety, and they just do not treat the symptoms which cause anxiety. They consider body and mind are linked intrinsically, and therefore the treatment is for the whole body and mind. The treatment is performed along with self-help tools like breathing techniques, mindfulness, and exercise. This helps in enhancing the treatment.

4. Creating Balance in the Nervous System

A meta-analysis study has shown that the HRV (heart rate variability) scores were improved by implementing acupuncture treatment. This has helped many patients in improving their health conditions as well as mental conditions.

Heart diseases, anxiety, insomnia, depression and muscle pains were included in the study, and it was proved effective on the same.

Most important consideration in this treatment is the dosage. The dosage of acupuncture is significant in helping patients for getting better results. Frequency and duration of the treatment are some of the other important considerations.

5. Boost Your Energy

Most of the time, we feel exhausted and stressed or overwhelmed due to work or exertion. This may lead to frustration, low energy levels, which makes you moody, resulting in a state called stress and depression.

Acupuncture can help in such conditions by providing support and reenergizing the body. As we have discussed, it uses energy points to boost the energy levels and along with this, eating blood nourishing foods can help in a great way. Foods like beef, beetroot, egg, spinach, apricots, figs and kale can help supply the extra energy boost required for the body.

6. Acupuncture Is Relaxing

Acupuncture is very relaxing and calming to the body. Many people have undergone this treatment and found it to be helpful in getting relieved from stress and anxiety.

There is a widespread belief that the acupuncture treatment is painful and scary as it involves needles. But in reality, it is actually an incredible way of relaxing. Many patients fall asleep while getting treated on the couch.

The session is a de-stressing program and gets back the original form of the body where the patients are generally under deep anxiety and stress. The acupuncture is seen as harmonizing Qi in Chinese medicine which involved restoring balance and well-being of health.

7. Drug-Free Treatment

Medical advisors generally use steroids and drugs in treating pain which usually leads to several side effects. Compared to these, acupuncture is effective, safe and it is an entirely drug-free treatment for pain and other conditions.

For other conditions like stress and anxiety, doctors prescribe anti-depressants and calming medicines which involves many side effects. Acupuncture does not include medications and is the safest method.

A research conducted in Georgetown has shown that the acupuncture works similar to the calming drugs like anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. It also offers as a complementary path with other treatment plan and also helps to reduce the side effects. Even some recipients have claimed that the acupuncture treatment works faster as compared to other therapies.

8. Tui Na Massage

calms the nervous system and promotes healing

Tui Na massage is an ancient acupressure therapy in which the firm pressure is the fundamental technique involved. Use of fingers, thumb, and palm with the side of hands and knuckles are used with stationary pressure.

This is done to relax and relieve pain gradually within several minutes of time. It calms the nervous system and promotes healing by stimulating the area and applying pressure in just four to five seconds. Slow motion kneading with fingers and thumbs squeezes the large muscle groups firmly makes the upper body muscles soft and pliable. This can relieve shoulder, stiffness and neck tension along with other problems like constipation, spasms in calf muscles, etc.

9. Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs can be a traditional remedy for anxiety and stress. Many herbs in Chinese Medicine are specifically designed for working on balancing the body energy levels and for managing stress. The Chinese medicines target the entire body as a working organism, therefore, consulting a herbalist is the best way to know about the imbalances and its treatment.

10. Healing Result

Healing time of the diseases depends on the patient’s mindset and the severity of symptoms. Most of the patients report relief only after one session of acupuncture. Other may feel the change and result after weeks or months of time. Some people may also take months to get the results.

The typical session begins with one or two sessions depending on the response of the patients. If there are still problems with depression and anxiety, it would be better to take primary care from your health provider and discuss the treatment options.


In simple words, there is nothing you would lose with acupuncture and with a certified acupuncturist there would be no risks at all. However, there are many benefits with such treatments, and one can sleep better and have a stronger sense of well-being within few seconds.

In case you are under stress or depression treatment, it is better to consider acupuncture along with your current regime. The main thing is to talk to the acupuncturist and discuss the potential treatment plan and ask all the queries to clear any kind of doubts. You will see the results yourself within no time of undergoing a session.

doctor duTianlong Du is an acupuncture and neurology specialist at Beijing Acupuncture and Herbal Life based in Georgia with over 49 years of experience. Dr. Du has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine in greater Atlanta for the past several years. He was a renowned neurologist in Beijing, China before he came to U.S.

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