HONcode Certification Earned by Anxiety, Panic & Health!

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Take a look at the rightmost sidebar of this blog, and you will see the HONcode badge.

I am honored and excited that Anxiety, Panic & Health was accredited by the Health on the Net Foundation in October, 2008. It means that this site complies with the Health on the Net Code of Conduct and can display the HONcode badge.

The award-winning Health On the Net Foundation developed the HONcode in 1996 as a means to standardize requirements to establish the reliability and credibility of health information. It certifies websites through a stringent application and review process, then polices the site to make sure it continues to comply with its eight Principles. It has certified over 6,500 websites worldwide in 32 languages, and has partnerships with the European Union, the World Health Organization, the National Library of Medicine, and Google.

This article is the first in a two-part series. Today’s post will introduce you to the Health On the Net Foundation. Tomorrow’s post lists the HONcode principles and how Anxiety, Panic & Health complies with them. Today’s topics include:

  • What is the Health On the Net Foundation?
  • What does the Health On the Net Foundation do?
  • How does a site become HONcode accredited?

What is the Health On the Net Foundation?

HON established in 1995

The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) was established 1995 under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the State of Geneva. It is a non-governmental organization. Its stated mission is: {{1}}

To guide Internet users by highlighting reliable, understandable, relevant and trustworthy sources of online health and medical information.

HON arose from concerns such as:{{2}}

  • The uncertain quality of medical advice provided on growing numbers of Web sites
  • The lack of scientific evidence behind claims made for commercially-available treatments
  • Many sites were not providing even basic user orientation, like the source of cited documents, Webmaster contact information, last-update notices on pages or information on their organisational structure and funding.

The HONcode was developed in 1996 after discussions with webmasters and information providers showed that they were anxious to improve their services and would be happy to follow some simple, broadly-accepted rules and guidelines for content presentation. Today, the HONcode certifies: {{3}}

  • Over 6,500 sites world wide
  • 72 countries
  • 32 languages
  • Over 1,200,000 web pages accredited

What does the Health On the Net Foundation do?

Accountability, quality and reliability for websites

HON has several missions besides the HONcode certification of web sites. It is active world-wide in establishing accountability, quality and reliability for websites. Its activities include:{{4}}

  • HONdossiers. Special in-depth reports and surveys on health topics and eHealth trends which deserve special attention
  • HONcode. Accreditation of websites with the aim to improve the informational quality of medical and health on the internet. Maintains a searchable database — the only one — of reliable health sites on the internet.
  • HONprojects (in partnership with Google). These include MedHunt, an intelligent and specialized search engine designed to locate internet information related to a given medical and health domain; and HONselect, the first assisted-search facility that integrates diverse databases to offer users a full assortment of healthcare information and resources available on the internet.
  • WRAPIN. HON-led European Union project to automatically determine the quality and reliability of medical documents online.
  • HON is the official accrediting body for all French health websites.

It has partnerships with the European Union, the World Health Organization, National Library of Medicine, and Google, among others. Among its international recognitions are:{{5}}

  • In 2002, HON Foundation was recognized as a non-governmental organization and granted special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • In May 2004, HON won the “eEurope Award for eHealth” presented by the European Union and the European Commission 

HON participated actively in the development of the European Union document setting quality criteria for use by Member States, as well as public and private bodies, in the development  of quality initiatives for health related sites.{{6}}{{7}}

How does a website become HONcode accredited?

Certification process is quite stringent

The HONcode application and approval process is quite rigorous. To obtain certification, a Web site applies for registration through a lengthy online form. If accepted, the site agrees to abide by the HON Principles and qualifies to display the HONcode seal. The HONcode accreditation team consists of:{{8}}

  • 6 Physicians
  • 1 Pharmacist
  • 1 Ph.D. in molecular biology
  • 2 Law graduates
  • 3 Medical students

HON does regular random checks of sites to certify compliance, as well as relying on reports from the public.{{9}} It is the only accrediting organization that allows the public to comment on the compliance of websites with its code, as well as actively policing accredited sites. It has a system of warning sites about non-compliance, finally resulting in withdrawing accreditation.

Tomorrow’s post

Tomorrow’s post, entitled “HONCode Principles: How Anxiety, Panic & Health Fulfills Them,” will list the eight Principles of the Health on the Net Code of Conduct and how Anxiety, Panic & Health complies with each one.

What do you think?

I am like a proud papa whose son has hit the home run that won the series! Perhaps I’m over-enthusiastic, but HON certification is a great honor and validation of this blog’s content and purpose. The HONcode is the premier certification in the world for health- and medical-related websites.

  • Have you ever heard of the Health On the Net Foundation?
  • Have you seen the HONcode badge on any other sites?
  • Do you think that the HONcode certification adds authority to Anxiety, Panic & Health?

As always, your comments are welcome!

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[[9]]HON has been on the Anxiety, Panic & Health site at least once a week since it was accredited in October, 2008![[9]]

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stratosg November 17, 2008, 6:37 pm

Congratulations Mike! I am not a regular on health blogs so I haven’t heard of HON before… But, i took a look now and i do believe it’s a great honor to be certified and acknowledged by such a big organization… So, congratulations are in order once more!

stratosg’s last blog post..Another plugin hits the world: YAFootnotes

Mike November 17, 2008, 7:04 pm

Thanks for the compliments and the congratulations, Stratos!

As you see, your new YAFootnotes plugin is working beautifully. I couldn’t be more pleased! For all the people out there who need a footnotes plugin, this is the one to get.

Kim Woodbridge November 17, 2008, 10:07 pm


That is wonderful! I am so proud for you. I don’t know much of anything about this organization but to be one of 6,000 sites is incredible. I’m also glad to know that there is an organization overseeing the medical information being provided online.

And the footnotes plugin is awesome. I love the way the footnote has the arrow so you can jump back up to that part of the article. I still can’t believe that something so positive can out of me being snarky about plugins :-)

I look forward to hearing what you you went through to get accredited.

Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post..Stuff This In Your RSS – 11/11/08 – The Simple Dollar

Mike November 18, 2008, 12:00 am

Thanks, Kim. I’m proud, but at the same time humbled by the accreditation. Tomorrow’s post has a long list of all their requirements and the things I’ve done to comply with them. Actually, rather than being picky, the standards just make sense. And many of them could be applied to any website.

Stratos did a very good job on the plugin, didn’t he? I’m still amazed at how fast he did it!

stratosg November 18, 2008, 12:10 pm

I am really thankfull to both of you for giving me the opportunity to code this plugin. I am very pleased with Mike’s co-operation and actually very happy i met both of you. Thanks again!

PS: i am too waiting on that list… you got me curious :)

stratosg’s last blog post..Another plugin hits the world: YAFootnotes

pradyot biswas January 12, 2010, 11:26 am

being a co founder of a drug information system in a developing country we faced real problem of finding a quick and reliable information source. how can I make this site as our home page?
pradyot biswas

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