Sunday Supplement: Murphy Strikes Again!

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Murphy, he of the Law, has been at it again. You know his motto, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” This time he’s struck my blog theme, the bit of software code that determines way the blog appears on the screen. 


After a long search, I found a theme called “Seashore” that I was very pleased with. It had a nice appearance, calm and muted, that let the posts be the most prominent thing. The picture was beautiful. It worked really well and did all the things I wanted it to do.


Then disaster struck. Shortly after I wrote yesterday’s post, the theme stopped working. Murphy must have been watching and detected complacency! All of a sudden, only the posts showed on top. The columns that had been on the right were all the way at the bottom! It looked like all the screen elements had been put in a hat, shaken, and thrown at the monitor! Being a neophyte at this sort of thing, I have no idea how to go about fixing it.


So I spent the rest of Saturday looking through hundreds of themes. I found about twenty candidates and tried them out. As Murphy would have it, only four worked correctly. They were named, “Tacky,” “Yucky,,” “Very Ugly,” and “Egregious.” None of them did all the things that “Seashore” did, but I was desperate.


You’re looking at “Very Ugly” right now. “Tacky” just did too many wrong things for it to be acceptable. “Yucky” had all these fluorescent Web 2.0 colors that hurt my eyes. “Egregious” has this big eyeball that can’t be gotten rid of (no kidding). So “Very Ugly” it is.


I intend to be working on it some this week to see if I can make it a little more functional and attractive. I don’t like the dark colors and somber look, but I guess it’ll just have to do right now. Maybe one of these days I can learn enough to fix “Seashore.”


I hope your weekend has been fun and restful, without Murphy looking over your shoulder!

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