Welcome to Anxiety, Panic & Health!

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Every blog has to have a first post, and I think it’s the hardest one. I’ve been thinking about, planning and working on Anxiety, Panic & Health for over a year. After all that time, you’d think that the first post would be easy!


There’s so much I want to say, so much I want to share, and no first post can possibly do that. Besides, a lot of it is contained under the “Information” heading on the right.


I’m still filling in the “Anxiety Reference” section, and it ought to be finished in a few days. But I wanted to get this blog going, and finally decided that I would just go ahead and start posting before all the background material was up.


Above all, I am anxious that you find this blog to be informative and helpful. It’s not meant as an ego trip, so personal posts will be limited. It will continue to expand its offerings over time. For example, I intend to add a section where you can tell your own stories, and hope to add a forum as time goes on.


Your comments are more than welcome: They are essential to this blog’s success. I want you to tell me what you’re interested in, what information you wish you had, what your questions are. I promise to address your concerns and issues in a timely fashion, and to the best of my ability.


Welcome to Anxiety, Panic & Health!


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