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Woodworking as PTSD/CPTSD Therapy

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WoodworkingThere are many people who take part in woodworking as a hobby or as a career because they enjoy the accomplishments of the projects that they have worked on.

There’s nothing like the experience of working on a project and then successfully completing it.

What many people don’t know is that woodwork is very therapeutic, especially for people who suffer from conditions such as CPTSD and PTSD. The act of using your hands to create something of great detail will create a sense of accomplishment, peace of mind, and an anxiety-free mood.
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How to Know If You’re Stressed Out or Suffering From Anxiety

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Fraying rope - anxiety and stressLife throws many curve balls at us, and each curve ball has the chance to leave us feeling stressed.

Changes in life, material or otherwise, short-term or long-term, leave a lasting mark on our personalities and actions.

However, in life, with the rapid pace of modern life, it’s often quite easy to get lost in the concept of whether or not you are stressed out, or if the issue might be more severe.

So, are you stressed? Or are you anxious?
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7 Long-Term Effects of Mental Health Problems on Your Body

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Mental Illness Statistics from John Hopkins Institute tell us that 26% of Americans suffer from diagnosable mental disorders. [1] That is one in every four adults. And this percentage only includes Americans aged 18 and above. There are many juveniles who also suffer from diagnosable mental disorders but aren’t included in these statistics.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in my teens. I struggled with it for many years in silence and isolation before my diagnosis. There came a point where my only interaction was with my cable internet plan. No human contact, no social contact, no nothing. I was constantly anxious when among people.

Eventually, through a mix of medication and talk therapy, I managed to bring some stability to my life.

But my struggles with depression and anxiety are not the purpose of this post. The effects of undiagnosed disorders are.
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Acute Stress Disorder vs PTSD – Are they Similar or Different?

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US Soldier With PTSDAcute stress disorder (ASD) and
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are mental disorders that can happen to any individual who experiences a traumatic event.

Both mental health disorders can hamper different aspects of an individual’s life – social, career, relationships, etc. Both need early intervention and proper medical treatment for a speedy recovery.

But this is not the complete story. There are subtle differences between the two mental health disorders. Let’s find out what they are:
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The 7 Best Drinks to Reduce Your Anxiety

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Avocado and baby spinach smoothieIt is common to be freaked, worried, and anxious. You could be upset about family, love, work, health, or even money.

Maybe, your heart beats faster, your mind can only imagine pending doom, your breathing gets rapid and shallow, and all you could ever wish for at this time is relaxation.

You might opt for popular energy drinks as a way of calming yourself. You could also swallow some pills from your local pharmacy. While these medications and beverages might promise you a significant calming effect, they have been associated with a horde of side effects including insomnia, heart palpitations, nervousness, anxiety, and depression.

Ultimately, the body is bound to react to such distress. The outcome could be positive, including the motivation to work harder. Alternatively, the effect could be detrimental where you experience worsened symptoms or diseases including high blood pressure, headaches, stomach upset, insomnia, and chest pain.

Whether you are just freaked out or are suffering from full-blown anxiety, it is recommended that you try safe and healthy remedies before you consider the option of medication. There are many non-drug drinks which have a calming effect on distress.

Below is an extensive discussion of some of these drinks. Note that while some might have an instant calming effect, others improve your condition over time.
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