TV Portrayal of Psychologists Keeps People from Getting Treatment

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Television programs like "In Treatment," "Frasier," and "The Sopranos" may discourage people from seeking psychological treatment, a new study shows. Frasier Crane and his brother, Niles both practiced psychiatry on their popular NBC sitcom “Frasier.” Mob boss Tony Soprano had his therapist on HBO’s hit show “The Sopranos.” And HBO has even made therapy the [...]

Scapegoating and the Stigma of Mental Illness Part 2

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You've heard all the hurtful words before — words like "psycho," "wacko," and "schizo." Then there are the offhand descriptions of someone's behavior as "OCD" or "having a panic attack." Advertisements regularly use mental illness symptoms to show how miserable life is without their products. And you've seen the jokes about mental health on television referring [...]

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