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Chronic Subjective Dizziness

Are you among the 3 million Americans who is always dizzy?

Recent studies show that about 60 percent — almost 2 million — of chronically dizzy people also have an Anxiety Disorder. In fact, the Anxiety Disorder causes the dizziness!

If you are among these numbers, you may have what is called Chronic Subjective Dizziness. It’s a condition in which there are no physical reasons for the dizziness. You may have suffered from this condition for years without knowing what or why it was. New research from the University of Pennsylvania now has answers for you!

This post details this new research and explains why it is important to you or someone you know who is always dizzy. The subject is explored under these topics:

  • What is Chronic subjective dizziness?
  • Research on Chronic Subjective Dizziness and Anxiety Disorders
  • The results of the study shows 60 percent had Anxiety Disorders
  • The relationship of migraines, Anxiety Disorders and Chronic Subjective Dizziness
  • The significance of this study on Chronic Subjective Dizziness
  • Treating Chronic Subjective Dizziness

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